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Accessibility to design tools shouldn't be a barrier into learning about the design field. Unleashing the creativity and potential of underserved kids is exactly why we created Jumpstart Designers. Join us to make a change!

Founder & Digital Artist

Meet Emonee

Emonee LaRussa is a Motion Graphics Artist predominantly creating music visuals for artists like Kanye West, Lil Nas x, Meg thee Stallion, and more. Along the way, Emonee has won 2 Emmys during her time working at CBS. Now after investing her time into NFTs and seeing the world’s perspective change on digital art. Understanding the hardships of being raised in a household that didn't have access to a computer she created JumpStart Designers to bring access to those who need it.

The Spark

WHY I Created Jumpstart Designers

As a child I dreamed of making art and music videos and quickly realized that without access to tools or money, I'd be left to keep dreaming. My mother saved up and bought me a cheap laptop where I could start designing, it was a game-changer. Just imagine how many kids encounter this same limiting factor and this creative potential that is left stalled.

We created JumpStart Designers to give every child in underserved communities an equal chance to express themselves in the digital art space.

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Behind The curtain

The Team

Emonee LaRussa


Allison Ayala

Vice President

Breeona Nechole

Web Developer

Benny Gross

Education Liaison

Mikey Krieger

Web Designer

United Talent Agency

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We've partnered with some of the most innovative companies in the creative, NFT and hardware space. This enables the next generation of designers to experiment and use the tools that will drive the creative industry forward.

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