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What is the website where I can mint art?

You're here!

How do I connect my metamask to the site?

You will need to connect you Metamask wallet by clicking "Bid Now" below the artwork for each piece and continue through the verification that follow.

To learn more about creating a Metamask Wallet and how to transfer funds please see this tutorial

How do I make a bid?

Once your wallet is connected click on the Bid Now button.
- A separate box will appear
- You'll be prompted to sign a transaction fee on Metamask

Is the art purchase a tax write off?

Jumpstart Designs is an established 501c3 and all purchases are donations as tax deductible.

When does the bidding start?

The bidding will start November 17th, 2022 at 7pm

What price will the art start at?

Once the reserve is hit, the auction will last for 24 hours. There will 15  minutes added to anytime a bid is made under 15 minutes

What will the bid increments be?

All bids go up in increments of 10%

Are there any surprises?

Glad you asked.
One special ThankYouX edition will be given once to any bidder who bids $5000 or more on any art in the charity lot.

There may be some swag :)

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